The New Stain Remover
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Max Skin Care - Natural Pure
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Hanan Elraz, Scientist, Innovation, Elraz R&D Ltd, Elraz, Hanan, Green, Greenary, Products

New and powerful oil dissolver invented by S.E.S based on herbal formulas to improve quality of life.
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Research & Development

The solution contains a unique formula which was developed and tested by Elraz R&D Ltd and Meydan Solutions Ltd. The formula's active ingredients generate a quick reaction for the dissolving and disappearance of more

Elraz company R&D Ltd. Develops green ecological products Which are suitable for personal and industrial. Elraz R&D Ltd has developed an organic green product for washing cars without water. The product is used for car washes Without water, and a solution to Israel's water problem. more

Multi-purpose skin preparation The liquid is made from only plant without chemicals. Fluid efficiency: restores skin psoriasis in treatment of five weeks. Eliminates wrinkles after extended treatment. treats burns, Acne, restores the skin quickly, decrease skin rashes and irritations and for the treatment of skin fungus. more

Eco-Friendly Innovation

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